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Oct 21, 2012 1:30am PDT
at a coffee shop. measure d will raise the minimum wage in the city of san jose from the $8 required by the state of california to $10. ancisco based company that already abides by a $10 minimum wage required by san francisco. the campus alliance for economic justice group, or cafe j, started the campaign last semester to raise the minimum wage. saul "we just feel like $8 is simply not enough and we believe that if you play by the rules and work hard like anyone else you should be able to get a living wage." s/o: the vote on measure d won't likely have many negative effect on franchises like philz here in downtown san jose, but smaller businesses like psycho donuts fear they may have to close their doors if the measure is passed. mezcal restaurant in downtown san jose is a small business owned by adolfo gomez. gomez is worried that a negative domino affect will occur if the measure gets passed and he has to raise his prices in order to pay his employees higher wages. if a higher minimum wage becomes law in san jose, it would be the largest city in california to do so. some wonder if
Oct 14, 2012 1:30am PDT
those statistics. city services may have been cut back, but the city's homicide rates continue to move forward. ">>>thirty six people have been killed so far in san jose this year, last year the total was 39. the city is on pace to break its own 15 year homicide record, with only three months left in the year. s-j-s-u alumni, wilson kong, says the campus community is heavily affected by crime around the city because of its location and the lack of city services. wilson kong: "last year i graduated and i lived in downtown san jose, by 11th and reed. that's when the cops were being pulled out of the city and that's when the city laid off a lot of cops." kong was good friends with s-j-s-u student kristina pandula, who was murdered in a double homicide in october of last year. the number of patrol officers in the streets of san jose has been cut back, the latest killing shattered san jose's six-week relief from violence that followed a deadly eleven day stretch of homicides. jason dwyer: "these numbers, they jump around quite a bit. so you've got homicides, you've got auto-thefts; you've g
Oct 28, 2012 1:30am PDT
patiently waited in line for their shovels. san jose mayor chuck reed was excited for the city. "it's a great day in san jose, in a few minutes, with your help, its going to be a world record breaking day in san jose. other dignataries included san jose earthquakes owner lew wolff, major league soccer commissioner don garber, and city council member sam liccardo. the stadium is located in liccardo's district. fans were enthusiastic about the new stadium and the team. the broadcast voice of the earthquakes believes the new stadium will help the team improve even more. "with this new stadium, we have a world class venue, so we will be able to draw, you know, whether it be thierry henry or david beckham now all of a sudden san jose is in the picture." the earthquakes are slated to begin playing in the new stadium in 2014. they will play the 2013 season at buckshaw stadium." the earthquakes enter the mls postseason as the number one seed having won the supporters shield this season for most points in the regular season. new baseball coach dave nakama has one ambitious goal and that's to
Oct 7, 2012 1:30am PDT
professional teams than any market in the united states except for new york city." purdy explains that even with a national ranking it would be hard to get any recognition at all." "you could argue for stanford at one point being a top ten team we really weren't paying them much attention as probably top ten teams do in other markets." wide receiver chandler jones believes that the spartan's never say die attitude will win them their respect in the future. " just keep playing hard. when our defense and offense is playing well and our special teams are playing well we're a tough team to beat. so, all of us need to keep focus keep playing well these next couple weeks."" mark purdy says san jose state's move to the mountain west conference will definitely help the spartan football program develop faster. it will give the spartans more television exposure as well as better competition. san jose earthquakes forward chris wondolowski is leading major league soccer with 22 goals this season. and the danville native is just five goals away from breaking the all-time single-season scoring record. wo
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4